Personal statement

I am Wenhao Pan, a Ph.D student of Public Administration from South China University of Technology (SCUT), PRC. Currently, my research interest lies in Behavioral Public Administration (BPA) and Computational Social Sciences.

Wenhao Pan

Education & Certification

Ph.D Student in Public Administration

School of Public Administration, South China University of Technology (China)

The main research areas include Behavioral Public Administration (BPA), Behavioral Public Policy and Computational Social Sciences.


Master of Science in Basic Psychology

School of Psychology, Guizhou Normal University (China)

The research direction are the latent variable structural equation modeling, and individual sentiment analysis with big data technology.


Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology

School of Education, Hunan University of Science and Technology (China)

The research interests include Cognitive Neuroscience with Event-related Potential (ERP), Experimental Psychology, and Self-positive Bias.


Academic Publications

Han, Y.†, Pan, W.†, Li, J., Zhang, T., & Zhang, Q. (2022). Developmental Trend of Subjective Well-Being of Weibo Users During COVID-19: Online Text Analysis Based on Machine Learning Method. Frontiers in Psychology, 12:779594.    PDF

Ma, P., Huang, M., He, B., Pan, W. and Zhao, S. (2021). The Influence of Undergraduates’ Loneliness on Depression: Based on Latent Moderated Structural Equation (in Chinese). Journal of Psychological Science, 44(5): 1184-1192.    PDF

Luo, Y., Li, J., Pan, W., Ma, X. and Zhang, Y. (2021). The cognitive and neural mechanisms of perseverative cognition lead to the prolonged stress response (in Chinese). Journal of Psychological Science, 44(1): 37-44.    PDF

Ma, P., He, B., Pan, W., Qin, P. and Zhao, S. (2020) The Influence of Undergraduate’s Mobile Phone Addiction on Learning Burnout: Based on Latent Moderated Structural Equation. Psychology, 11, 966-979.    PDF

Huang, M., Zhao, S., Ma, Q. and Pan, W. (2019) The Influence of Sexual Objectification Experience on Chinese Female College Students’ Selfie-Posting Behavior: A Mediated Moderation Model. Psychology, 10, 2080-2090.    PDF